What is more numerous than the grass?

The thoughts that rise in the mind of man

Who is truly wealthy?

The man to whom the agreeable and disagreeable,wealth and woe,past and future are the same

What is the most wondrous thing on earth?

Each day countless humans enter the Temple of death,yet the ones left behind continue

to live as though they were immortal

Pretext:A dialogue I Stumbled upon while reading the Mahabharat  between Yudhistir and Yaksha throws light on many problems people now have.


Eternal Love

Rama and sita

Come back home oh stranger
Come visit oh dear
I lost my senses and peace
But found my dearest gem,Ram
Neither my mother’s lullaby
Nor the clouds of spring
Nothing interests me anymore
Since my eyes rested on the regal archer
Since then the angst of separation agonized me
The whole world is aware of my dilemma
Alas! Ignorant is the callous one


“Ramayana,” or “The Journey of Rama,” is one of the most compelling Indian epics written by sage Valmiki, who is called the adi kavi,meaning the “first poet” in Sanskrit. It is the story of Rama, who was the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. Sita is the wife of Rama.This epic teaches us love. It exemplifies how and what pure love feels like.For those who dont know who Sita is , here is a brief preface .Sita, symbolizes the meaning of an ideal woman. When we think of Sita, the first thing that strikes us is her unconditional bond of love towards Lord Rama. In the face of extreme hardship, Lord Rama’s queen displays extraordinary character, founded on her pure devotion to the Lord. Rama is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, while Sita is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, hence, they were born to be together connected by a string of eternal love.This poem is Sita longing for Rama.


A picture says it all



What has become of this world?

If a picture isn’t taken, it’s as if like the moment has never happened to you. I have read somewhere that in the best of times you forget to take pictures. But now if a picture isn’t taken how can you show the world you are having a good time. The backbone of social media is showing off. I am pretty sure it is not the objective of social media to do that but this is what is happening.

People are forgetting to enjoy the moment. If a good picture isn’t taken its waste of time. Wow, what kind of irony is this. You are there to have a good time , but you are putting it in jeopardy by taking pictures of every damn thing and your face which happens to be the same. It is alright to take pictures once now and then but it should not be your sole purpose in life right.

Pictures capture memories but what happens if the memory is only of taking pictures.