Love is not Enough


I love you he said

She did not turn back

The distances widened

Love is not a big enough word to convey the thousand emotions I have for you they both thought

Love is  not enough she said to him

He knew that

Thousand love letters unsent in his room

They both thought it would never be possible to tell what they feel to each other

Afraid the world is not enough for their love to flourish





My dear grandpa, a wonderful man
Always believed in me, knew that I can
I just wanted to let you know
You mean the world to me
You thought me how to be brave
You thought me how to save
You thought me how to love
In my hard times
You were always there to help me
I love you with all my heart grandpa.


Life is birth
Life is death
Life is love and love lost
Life is a journey towards oblivion
Life is a journey towards death
So paint many pictures
Cherish your memories
Celebrate life
Because you will be dead soon enough



Happiness is an ice cream cone

with a chocolate coating

and lots and lots of sprinkles

Happiness is a child’s laughter

Happiness is making your parents proud

Happiness is smiling when everything goes wrong

Happiness is all of this

and much, much more

Happiness is in your mind

and what you make of it.