Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Hi everyone , I have been nominated by Shruti Bhandary
for this award . I thank her for considering me for this award. I feel over the moon. Do visit her blog , I have provided the link above . Her writings are soul touching and thought provoking at the same time.

My nominations for ‘The Ideal Blogger Award’ are

1. What are the three things that you want to learn?
Ans. I want to learn to play the Violin better, learn a new language and the art of joyful living.

2. What inspired you to write ?
Ans. Writing is my solace from difficult and dark days, so darkness and light at the end of the tunnel inspire me to write.

3. One quote that motivates you always ?
Ans. This too shall pass.

4. What you want to convey through your blog?
Ans. All feelings I have and bring solace to anyone who is going through them.

5. What do you learn from 2020 ?
Ans. Forgiving myself and understanding that you deserve happiness even if nothing is go right.

Dear nominees please nominate more exceptional bloggers for this award and answer the questions above.Looking forward to your replies.

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